Jade Mordente attended a MOODY event about a new digital ecosystem for hormones, cycles and moods that aims to help women have the best periods possible.

When was the last time you were moody? You probably felt kinda guilty about it, right? Someone might have made a ‘time of the month’ joke and you probably giggled with your head down or even apologised. We have all been there, but why? Since 50% of the population are female, 50% of us have felt uncomfortable because of our natural monthly cycle. Feeling agitated, tearful, fat and grumpy for at least five days out of every single month – that’s a big ask of women who have much better things to do with their time (i.e running the world). Entrepreneur Amy Thomson, journalist Laura Weir and nutritionist Lola Ross are three women who have felt our pain. Together they are fighting for us, as females, to reclaim the word ‘moody’ and revolutionise the way we talk, treat and feel around our period. Born out of the frustration we have all felt when we can’t find answers to solve our period woes, the trio decided to found an integrated web platform which not only connected women, but armed us with the emotional intelligence to know our cycle, harness our mood and maximise productivity, no matter the date. Answering a quick and easy questionnaire on sign-up (which is free!) allows the platform to place you into a specific Moody tribe. This then enables the Moody team to carefully curate a profile for you and offer natural solutions to help you through your personal hormone cycle. Knowing your cycle, and how your body works during your cycle is the key ingredient that wearemoody.comencompasses.

Moody founder and nutritionist Lola Ross will inform each tribe of specific dietary advice to conquer their issues – stress, bloating or sadness – and discuss a range of vitamins and supplements for inner balance. The Moody team have also joined forces with post-chemical pharmacy, Biocol Labs, to demystify the vitamin arena and they will soon offer mineral and plant based hormone vitamins and supplements through a retail section of the website. Organic period products such as biodegradable tampons from TOTM will also be available, with more products launching on the site soon.

Sign up, discover your tribe, learn your body and embrace being moody.

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