To celebrate LGBTQ month we invited activist Sarah Elizabeth Moore to write a feminist poem.

Have you heard of Sutton House in the heart of Hackney? You may have seen it featured in the Daily Mail, which outlined how its current year-long programme has bastardised the sanctity of the house. Or that’s what they said. I think Sutton House has done something amazing. It took the audacious decision to use its status as a National Trust property to programme Queered: a 365-day strong programme of exhibitions and events in celebration of the LGBT community, its diversity and history. For this, I was asked to photograph portraits of Munroe Bergdorf, a beautiful and inspirational woman. To accompany these images -now on display in the house until Easter – I wrote a poem. I called my exhibition Throwing Bricks Through Glass. I hope it inspires you to keep on fighting. Solidarity, forever.

Throwing bricks through glass

There’s something to be said for intrusion.For trespassing in spaces that ‘don’t belong to us’.For visibility and glowing pride, making and taking history as ours.We fight for what we want – for what we deserve.

In our world, we worship and celebrate the marginalized.We create our own idols.We believe in the power of love and fire, of progress and politics and greater good.Of equality for all, not only what’s palatable to the heteronormative.

Adapted, adopted, we belong in this space.We belong here and now.A step through the mirror.

Marsha’s fist and Christopher Street.

We aren’t there yet, but on our way.

Take what’s yours.Take up space.Scream.Be visible, proud, vulgar, bold and brilliant.Be clever and calm and better.Fracture the ceiling that patriarchy has built to contain us.

Tear it down.

And we’ll keep throwing bricks through glass.Shattering it.

We are the energy. It’s us now.

REEK perfume