Fashion stylist and creative director Soki Mak speaks to REEK perfume about body confidence, girl gangs and her favourite smells. Starting her career as a fashion assistant at Dazed & Confused  Soki now styles a long list of brilliant bitches, from personal styling to editorial publications.

What smells remind you of femininity? What are your favourite smells and why?

I love when you walk past a woman and you get hit in the face with their perfume, there’s nothing stronger or sexier than the smell of our based perfume’s, It’s quite a masculine smell and is a real smell that only fellow women appreciate which is why I salute ladies who wear it. Its predominantly found in more arabic perfumes.

My favourite perfume is Diptyque, Do Son. I spray it all over my clothes and body.

Do you feel pressure to act/look a certain way to fit in with the ideals of female beauty?

No. I personally love seeing people being different, flaws are beautiful and we each have our own, that’s what differs us from the others. I guess I don’t really understand perfection because it’s not reality and working in the fashion industry is like being at school, you either bother or you don’t. It’s your own mindset and interpretation of beauty, I like to feel good so I work out and try to eat well which then results in a better metal attitude towards your own confidence. I don’t let these things take over my life, there’s more to life than that.

How well do you feel the UK beauty industry represents women through advertising? In terms of size, age and race.

I think that things are definitely changing. I see more and more brands that are trying to represent a wider range of beauty. I think that in the UK, especially in fashion, there is a lot further to go. In fact, everywhere there is a long way to go, but there is a much bigger movement right now with brands representing different sizes/races and ages but I do feel at times it’s all a big scam and they’re jumping on the bandwagon. I’d like to believe that the world is better than this but time will tell. It does make me feel proud to be a women where I understand risks women take to fight for this. Society has been diluting the minds of the younger generation for too long, we have to love ourselves for who we are and be proud.

What women do you most identify with from history to the present day that havealso inspired you to push further in your career or your personal life?

This is a tricky question. I would have to say the women who surround me day in day out. I am really lucky to have so many strong and powerful women in my life and we all push each other to go further, supporting each other along the way. I am also going to say my mum, but I bet everyone says that don’t they? Yeah, but still, my mum.

What signifies female strength to you?

Fighting for what you believe in, never giving up when times get hard or shit, or you can’t pay your rent or eat/you’ve been dumped. Whatever it is remember we’ve all been there. These hard times are so crucial in setting you up for what other shit life throws at us. (that’s life eh) Be true to yourself, be kind to others, stand up for what you believe and never put someone else down in order for you to look better. Every single woman has it in them to be strong (we were built to give birth!)

What makes you a DAMN REBEL BITCH?

Because I hate doing interviews/ I’m terrible at writing but I support this movement enough to write this (lol) I worked really hard to be able to make a living off my work, i cried a lot and got myself in some terrible situations but it made me appreciate life and people and that’s the most important thing.

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