Little Lies founder and full time lady boss Jade Beatson about female entrepreneurs, feminine smells and start ups.

What smells remind you of femininity? What are your favourite smells and why?

For me, femininity is soft, delicate and romantic … but altogether separate to being a Woman. So, smells that remind me of women would be strong and bold, like rich coffee, cinnamon, or fresh lilies. However, smells that cast up femininity in my mind are dainty, sweet and floral, like roses, honey and peaches.

My favourite smell has to be that one when you climb into bed with fresh sheets dried out in the sunshine. No matter what washing powder you use, that smell of fresh air is the best.

Do you feel pressure to act / look a certain way to fit in with the ideals of female beauty? How do you combat or comply with these pressures?

I think, like everybody, I feel pressure when it comes to my appearance. But I don’t really care what other people think, it’s more that I put that pressure on myself; it’s about being the best version of me. If I’m happy with my outfit, how my dress hangs or how clear my skin is, then I go about my day with more confidence and positivity. But, if I feel my look is drab, my jeans are too tight and I’ve got spots, I’ll generally be so much more introverted and will take on tasks with less gusto. So my approach and advice to everyone when it comes to appearance is definitely to dress for yourself and have fun. If over time you notice your jeans don’t fit any more, I say buy a new pair. Struggling to fit into the same ones will only make you feel miserable. Wearing something that fits great and you love will help you to radiate positivity, and we all know that good shit happens when you send good vibes out to the world.

Do you feel there is enough support for female entrepreneurs?

Absolutely not. I find that a lot of the usual business startup assistance really only apply to small ideas and very basic set up advice. If you know how to create a brand and launch a business but are looking for support to develop it or do anything remotely outside the box, then these places aren’t much use.

This is partly why one of the motives of Little Lies was to create a platform where girl bosses can work together to help each other out. Whether that be us providing a retail platform for an indie brand, helping a small maker or crafter to develop a wholesale side to their business, or our blog being a place for creative women to have a voice – we’re all about strong women supporting strong women. We’ve been so lucky already to meet other likeminded women who love other people’s success and are excited by new ideas and collaborations. Because of these partnerships, beautiful things are made.  

What was the concept and ethos behind starting up Little Lies?

I wanted to bring the things I love together into one online location. There’s a heavy influence from the 70s music scene, with a mix of products across homeware, clothing + accessories. We’re a place to find the little possessions you adore owning, we’re not just another ‘fast fashion’ store where it’s all about getting a new outfit for the weekend. Our products are selected not only their style, but their versatility; we want people to buy garments with the intent of experimenting with ways of styling them and loving them for a very long time.

As well as being a retailer, people come for cool clothes and gifts, I strive for our customers to feel included by Little Lies; like part of a movement toward supporting women in business. When our customers shop, everything is done with the utmost care and attention, from their item being folded and wrapped beautifully, to the notes we write or the leaflet we include that we reckon they’ll like the most. This ensures our customers not only get an item they are happy with, but that they enjoy their Little Lies experience. This allows us to continue to grow the venture. We have now set out to offer internships and job opportunities to give our Scottish Bitches an exciting place to work in fashion, to create more badass collaborations like this one with REEK, and to reach out to other total Girl Bosses to unify and build a network of strong women who support, nurture and god damn glorify each other. My gut feeling has always been that the more people creating cool shit, the better. Creativity is not a competition. It’s a journey we can all take together.

What female or gender equality causes mean the most to you and why?

If I’m being completely honest, the whole conversation around equality completely baffles me. I mean, how the fuck is this still a thing? No matter what form your body takes, be it male, female, tall, fat, black, white, unicorn shaped or whatever else it may be; we all have the same going on inside. Life is about learning about that soul inside people and celebrating the good that’s going on in there. An ideal world would allow every human to have the same opportunities, and success would be gained by merit and kindness. I could dive into this topic and never come out, but my motto is and always has been simple; treat others as you’d like to be treated.

What signifies female strength to you?

There are a whole host of things that make women badass, but I would say that pushing a brand new human out of a tiny hole has to be the most badass of them all. Cause if that’s not strength, I sure as shit don’t know what is.

What makes you a Damn Rebel Bitch? Tell us what kind of bitch you are.

In the days of obsessive Instagram culture and Kardashian psychosis, I guess I’m a Damn Rebel Bitch because that totally makes my eyes glaze over. So much of today’s female culture involves comparing yourself to others and tearing them down if they have something you’re jealous of. But, I’m genuinely happy for other people and always have been. It has helped me to see the good in others and allowed me to form friendships and partnerships with some seriously inspiring people. Aside from that, I guess my most Damn Rebel Bitch moment, and the reason I’m here with you guys, has to be bowing out from a safe career route and carving my own path with nothing but an idea and a shit tonne of determination.

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