Charlotte Black tells us about her blog Self Love London and her journey of wellbeing.. 

Tell us about yourself and Self Love London.

I’m a singer/songwriter and wellness enthusiast trying to change the world around me with kindness, positivity and self belief. Self Love London is a platform I am building to encourage people to heal their insecurities and self doubt with the art of self love. My aim is to events full of encouragement, involving speakers, psychologists, authors and anyone who shares a passion for self help with the aim of building stronger more resilient women who value themselves.

Was there a particular moment that inspired you to start up the blog?

Two years ago I had a summer where I struggled with debilitating anxiety completely out of nowhere and it highlighted a lot about myself that I wanted to work on. I climbed out of that dark place by learning to love and value myself, it took time and perseverance and it’s still an ongoing journey, but I wanted to create a platform where I could share my discovery and hopefully help others feel more positively about themselves.

What are the big problems you see women facing in your industry?

I think the main problems we face are about self confidence. Social media aka ‘Instagram’ has completely taken over our sense of worth. We have thousands of accounts at our fingertips showcasing highlight reels from lives that we all wish were our own, yet we are unable to see the hustle, the hard work and the downfalls of that life. We only see filtered photos edited a hundred times of women and men who have been labeled as ‘perfect’ by the media, when in reality none of it is real. It’s easy to compare ourselves to others especially when our photographs are ranked by the number of likes and how many followers we have. It’s an easy world to get sucked into. That’s why I’m so passionate about doing something about it.

What message would you put on our on our sticky bitches? 

“Worthy as I am”
 or “I was born enough”.

Tell us about a campaign/advert that made you angry.

Definitely the ‘Are You Beach Body Ready’ campaign by Protein World comes to mind. I thought it was extremely socially irresponsible to 1. Advertise ‘beach body ready’ as a slim, toned female when this figure is not obtainable or healthy for everyone. There are so many different types of beauty and health should always come first. 2. To advertise a slimming product to make women feel like if they use this product that they will achieve the results of the model on the front cover. It was a foolish campaign designed to highlight women’s insecurities to draw them to the product.

What are your three favourite smells?

Oooh probably my mum’s perfume, baked cookie dough and that calming smell when you walk into a spa.

Are you more of a witch or a bitch?

If you can define a bitch as someone who can bring out the sass and speak her mind when necessary, then I’ll be a bitch.

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