Sara Hill’s pioneering make up brand inspires entrepreneurship, start ups and emotional bravery. Sara talks to REEK Perfume about real-life beauty, equality and her love of the word cunt.

Tell us a bit about Sara Hill make up and the ethos behind it all.

My makeup brand started with a drive to create a product I loved myself. The ethos came later, when I thought about how I wanted to present it to the world. I knew that whatever I put out there, had to represent my own thinking. I wanted to talk about makeup without manipulation – the word “flawless” is banned in my office as I believe no one is flawed. I decided to talk about my products from a more functional, artistic perspective and with a bit of humour. I’m not perfect myself! I try  my best to keep the attention on the quality of the product – that’s the important thing.

What inspired you to work both as an artist and launching your own beauty brand?

I think as a creative person you want to do lots of things, I’m always coming up with new ideas. Having my own brand allows me creative freedom to do things my way and to make products I know I’ll love and hope that others will love to.

How has working as a make up artist shaped how you view your own beauty?

I think there’s a disconnect and a distance with the vision of myself and reality, this sounds awful but it’s not. When I look at my eyes I think “they’re nice how would I paint them” rather than “look at my eyes”. I find getting older interesting, I love how grey my hair’s getting. Wrinkles on my own face are like drawing on crinkled paper, it’s a nice new challenge. I’m more than my body or my face.

Have you experienced any backlash from your campaigns?

None that I have heard, I’m happy with them and that’s all that matters in my world.

What gender equality causes mean the most to you personally and why?

It’s about a world without labels, allowing humans to think and feel and act in whatever way feels authentic and makes them feel truly happy without harm to others. A world free of any judgement based on your genitals. I feel Equality must start with an internal journey to question our own thinking and conditioning. All equality is an awakening to understanding that we are all the same, we are all connected.

What women do you most identify with from history to the present day that have also inspired you to push further in your career or your personal life?

I think all humans are amazing, spiritually Byron Katie is incredible. She’s my go to when I’m feeling stressed – her words ground me . I also love Anjelica Huston and Angela Lansbury just because they’re amazing!

What changes do you think should be implemented to encourage more women to go into business and start up their own brands?

The changes need to start in a person’s head. Fear is the biggest reason for anyone not to follow their dreams. Fear of failure is a big one! That can hold people back.  I don’t believe that there’s such a thing as failure. Even if my business goes bust, I lose my house, my car anything like that, It really doesn’t matter. I’ll still be me. I’ll find something else to do that makes me happy and I will of learned so much on the journey. I think my own biggest fear is having a dull ass boring life doing something I hate. Now that’s scary!

What signifies female strength to you?

Stillness, Clarity, Resourcefulness, Humour, Unshakability.

What smells remind you of femininity?

I’m not sure what femininity is to me. I find it difficult to describe or encapsulate into anything. The only thing I can think of is my mother – that feeling and smell of warmth and sweetness.

What makes you a Damn Rebel Bitch? Tell us what kind of bitch you are

I’m a bitch that loves the word Cunt! I’m a bitch that loves glitter, smudged mascara and real skin, I’m a bitch that loves all the bitches in the world.

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