Get excited for to see some private parts. This Friday illustrator, activist and general bad bitch Venus Libido is launching her new online chat show, Private Parts. We are so ready, are you? 

Expect free-flowing, raucous, spit-your-tea out stories that are there to reassure you that all the issues you’ve ever experienced pre, during or post-sex are completely normal. Private Parts is a safe space for all of us to appreciate our bodies and our intimate lives, without shame.

Each week Venus meets a new guest for a deep (pun intended) sex chat. This season guests include Kush Khanna, Emma Breschi, Charlie Craggs, Kenny Jones and Karen Hobbs exploring all kinds of private parts on the spectrum.

“The show is here; it’s all kinds of queer; and we’re learning our vibrators from our cock rings, our strap ons from our rabbits, all in the name of pleasure.” – Venus

Catch the first episode on Venus’s youtube and IGTV channel this Friday. The season kicks off with ‘Nadia’s Kinky DMs’  where Venus and Nadia talk all things from faking orgasms to doing anal for the first time.

Seeing a brilliant bitch like Venus creating her own chat show is really inspiring to us smelly bitches at REEK. Fuck love island, this is our summer must watch! Bring on the honest sex chats with some of our instagram faves.

Tune in on youtube or IGTV every Friday.

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