Why we don’t use any retouching in our campaigns? Because bitches don’t need it.

At REEK we consciously challenge the ethos of the beauty industry as it stands. Women deserve products that mean something – not just an endless parade of sanitized pictures.

So we have rules at REEK HQ when it comes to our campaigns.

1. We never retouch photographs of our models. Not because it’s trending, not because it’s edgy, but because who needs it?

2. We choose models of different ages, different ethnicities and different sexualities. It’s like life. Everyone matters.

3.  Standing up for women does not mean denegrating men. Some of our favourite feminists are men. Feminism is not a gender.

4. We kick out against accepted and unreasonable ideas of what’s beautiful. We like hair, We like moles. We’re proud of our folds, creases, curves and imperfections. Bring us your scars and stretch marks so we can share the beauty of your story shown on your skin. And lots of smiles, cos we’re celebrating.

5. We offer an all-female team on photo shoots so models feel comfortable.

6. We know that the facts are on our side. There is data about how badly women are memorialised. How badly they are represented and treated. We are committed to sharing those facts as a way of changing them. New facts are long overdue.

7. We celebrate the Damn Rebel Bitch inside all of us. Join us. Don’t be forgotten

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