Italian Photographer Clara Novelli shares her ‘don’t edit me’ ethos and some of her beautiful images with us bitches…

Tell us about some women who have inspired you and what you do?

I have always loved art. The first woman who introduced me to art and inspired me was my mom. She has a degree in literature, works as a teacher, loves books and any kind of art. When I was twelve she brought  me to aRobert Mapplethorpe exhibition in Florence. I fell in love. The second was my history of art teacher – that woman was like a goddess. A well of knowledge. She opened doors to the amazing world of art and its symbolism. Now I’m inspired by every woman I see, pretty much… friends, people on instagram, my two sisters, and obviously music and art as well.

If you could pick one thing to improve about the photography and fashion industry what would it be?

I would love to see a big change in woman’s idea of beauty. I hate that we need to be perfect, or photoshopped, or just you know, not us, covering and changing ourselves with make-up, crazy hours at the gym etc.  I hate it. My close friend is fighting an eating disorder, and I believe if there is a change in society there’ll be fewer girls suffering. We are all beautiful. We do not need all of this pressure to look or feel different from how we truly are.

What message would you like to share with other women?

More or less what I said in the previous answer. Love yourself. Treat yourself. Don’t let ANYONE, no girl, boy, man or woman tell what you should be or what you should do. Take off your make up, take off your bra. Feel free and do what you want.  Remember, ‘none but ourselves can free our mind’.

If you could change society what would be the first thing you do?

– I would love to see Donald Trump go to hell. Can I say that? 
– I would love to see more peace everywhere.
– And well maybe I’d change  something in my country. Politicians are doing what they want to too much – it’s unaccountable.
– I’m not against men (I have nothing to say against respectful men) but more women in politics could really change things.

Tell us about a beauty campaign that made you feel angry or ugly?

I feel this way about every  big lingerie or bikini brand. They make girls feel bad, every woman I think sees an Intimissimi pic for example and feels uncomfortable with her body.  We’ll never be perfect like Irina. Please. Show some normal people. Thanks.

Tell us something about yourself that you once perceived as ugly/unattractive that you now love about yourself?

When I was little people laughed at me for having no boobs.  Now I love my small boobs. go fuck yourself. I don’t need to buy bras. Well, just cute ones cause I like them  maybe. Also my eyebrows – I’ve always had big ones. I love them (and maybe the girls who used to laugh at me are jealous now). 

What advice would you share with yourself 5 years ago?

Don’t care what people say.

I was still at high school five years ago, but actually I had already started  not caring about other people’s opinions. When I was eighteen I shaved my head. I loved  it but lots of people said ‘you look toxic’ or ‘you are disgusting, too skinny etc’ I’d tell myself – WHO CARES? Now I don’t.

What are your three favourite smells?

I love rose, jasmine, and the smell of weed. Oh and pizza smell. The smell of pizza is actually my favourite.

What does the word bitch mean to you?

I believe the world bitch has changed its meaning in the last few years. It depends who uses it, but for me a bitch is a strong woman.  Someone who can do what she wants. Get naked, have sex, get drunk, be bossy how and when she likes. I don’t care about people calling me a bitch.

Are you more of a bitch or a witch?

I think I’m half and half.

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