We spoke with Ashleigh about shaving her hair in support of her mum. What a brilliant bitch. Here are her words and how you can support Brave the Shave…

I shaved my head on Saturday 25th November 2017. The date wasn’t significant, it just happened to be a date a certain amount of time after my mum’s first chemo session when we knew she would likely need to get the clippers out too.

Sure as shit the chemo was really going for it and my mum’s hairloss was rapid in the two days before the shave.

My mum was diagnosed with stage four ovarian cancer in October and to put it bluntly it has been really fucking shit. Her diagnosis came as a huge shock as she had only been feeling unwell for a few weeks.

From the get go she was assigned a Macmillan Nurse, someone who could not only advise her and assist with any worries but also someone that I could call if I had any questions. The shit thing about cancer is that nobody can actually tell you how someone will respond or what their prognosis is because it’s a really shitty waiting game. It’s really hard at times, but having access to support and assistance like this is comforting and necessary for people to cope and carry on.

Without charities like Macmillan, so many people would have further suffering. Supporting these charities is vital in ensuring everyone can have access to their care and encouragement – because that is sometimes all you need.

So far I’ve raised around £2150 in the 19 days my profile has been live, so much more than I had anticipated and I’m so grateful for everyone’s generosity and messages of support.

I fucking love my mum, she is a great gal.

Fuck cancer.

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