We speak to Alice Rabbit, Scottish drag performer, creator of The Rabbit Hole and mother of three about the Scottish drag scene, her favourite smells and biggest style inspiration. She’s such a smelly bitch and we love it…

Who are you, Alice Rabbit?

Alice Rabbit is a hard-working mother of 3, Edinburgh’s queen of queens and a full time people pleaser. She will literally do anything * wink wink * 

Tell us about drag and how things are changing?

Things are getting to a point where there are performers within the UK & Scotland getting recognition from each other and from some Ru Girls, however I think with drag becoming more and more popular it is a lot harder to be noticed by show producers. That is healthy though as it encourages everyone to  step it up. As drag becomes more mainstream things will get even more exciting. 

What’s your biggest inspiration? 

My biggest inspiration are styles from the 60s, 70s and 80s. I love the shapes and the prints and I try to incorporate that into my own style.

What women or woman influences you?

Well I don’t know about ” women ” but my biggest influence is Divine, I just relate a lot to how he felt about wanting to be a star, being in love and entertaining people. I also really appreciate his body of work and how hard he worked to get somewhere. I also feel very inspired by women like Brittany Howard and Adele who are, in their own ways, different from the pack. Their talent shines through and they are both amazing women – I love their style. 

What equality campaign is most important to you?

Pay women an equal wage. Fuck the pay gap. 

Is there something you’d like to change?

The Drag and Queer Community needs less in-fighting. I, myself can attest to this and I worry a  lot that we spend more time fighting each other over things that are not important to the bigger picture. We should be able to put our differences aside to take on the real enemies who are taking away our legendary venues and trying to stop Drag and Queer performance being visible. 

What are your favourite smells?

I love the smell of bacon frying in the pan, but if we are talking scents for a perfume I’d love to smell like chocolate so I could encourage the world to take a bite. 

Are you a witch or a bitch?

I am both. To me the word Bitch is empowering: for me it means being strong and powerful and not letting people walk all over you and most people who call someone a bitch secretly wish they had the strength to be bold. In terms of being a Witch I associate that with creating remedies to life’s situations and building a happier life. I always need that empathy otherwise I’d go crazy. 

What makes you a DAMN REBEL BITCH?

What makes me a Damn Rebel Bitch? My existence. There are a lot of people I walk past on the street who either don’t understand me or don’t want me to be out in the open. I live a life where they don’t have that authority over me and hopefully seeing a fearless bad bitch like myself, well, maybe they can take something from it. 

We are celebrating 2 years of The Rabbit Hole TONIGHT, 26th September with a 9pm- 3am party, with drag, burlesque live music and constant hilarity at CC Blooms, Edinburgh. For details click here : featuring Crystal Lubrikunt and Rococo Chanel from Brighton as well as the Rabbit Hole residents and hosted by Alice Rabbit.

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